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1.) Pack books in box without styrofoam*, without packing materials.
2.) Pack printed price quote sheet along with your textbooks.
3.) Click image below for free printable prepaid shipping label:


4.) Clearly fill in label with your name and address
5.) Securely tape it to box.
6.) Ship the parcel at any United States Post Office, or any various franchised mail box locations.
7.) No printer available? Click here for alternate shipping instructions:
Payment is fast! We begin processing your order the same day it arrives so that we can issue your check quickly! That's it! Simple, Fast, Efficient!

REMINDER: Don't forget to print out the price quotes you received! Place this in the box along with your books (prices change slightly once a month, and this guarantees payment as quoted!).

Please request insurance on the parcel, too! This won't cost you anything and it guarantees safe shipment. You'll fill in a postal receipt (pictured to the right), and the Postal clerk will give you a tracking number, so no matter what, you'll get paid! We recommend taking your books to an actual US Post Office, or satellite location, rather than a privately owned, "authorized shipper," because some of the "mail box shipping outlets" may not have those Postal Insurance forms—however, you can still use the prepaid label above, and ship your books without insurance, at your own risk.

We proudly present this website for the convenience of faculty and students, but we are happy to purchase textbooks from all disciplines, as long as you agree that anything you choose to ship to us are your own personal books, belonging only to you. Any Questions? Please contact us anytime if you have any questions.

*Since we are environmentally conscious, we request you do not use styrofoam peanuts. If you still choose to use styrofoam peanuts, you agree to be assessed a non-negotiable $1.00 styrofoam disposal fee. Note that books actually arrive safer without styrofoam!

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