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Answers to questions you may have:

Q.  We have some extra textbooks, how can We receive cash for them?
A.  The front page of this site has an instant quote form which allows you to input the ISBN numbers located on the outside back cover of your textbooks. You can type them in any order, with spaces, without spaces, any way you wish. After you click the, "submit button," price quotes will be instantly returned to you.

Q.  Can you explain the chart that is returned?
A.  The top line of the chart shows the, "update #." Prices are updated slightly once a month, and by printing out this chart, and enclosing it with your books, it insures you will receive payment exactly as quoted. The rest of the chart shows the complete book information to match the ISBN numbers you've typed in. The last two columns of the chart show the prices you will receive if the books arrive in, "new," or, "used," condition.

stacked up text books

Q.  Which books are graded, "new," and which ones are graded, "used?"
A.   We make every effort to grade as many books as, "new," as possible! Our profit is better on new books, and you get paid more, also! However, most books end up being graded as, "used," since to receive a, "new," grading, the books must be in *perfect* condition upon arrival at our facility. If books arrive in perfect condition, with no writing, bent corners, dented corners, shelf wear, or damage whatsoever, they are graded at our discretion as, "new," and you will receive the, "new," price. All other books receive the, "used," price. Please note that our facility tries to be more liberal with grading than you may find elsewhere, so it is definitely worth packing your new books carefully!

Q.  I submitted an ISBN number, and the "title," portion of the chart listed my book as having a CD (It said, "w/CD"), but there is no CD with the book. Also, sometimes it says, "With Cassette." Will you still buy my books if We don't enclose the supplements?
A.  If the chart says, "with CD," , "w/CD," or, "with cassette," you MUST enclose the CD or cassette(s) with the book. It can be open, and used, though. Otherwise, if you choose to send the book anyway, without the supplements, you won't receive payment for that book.

Q.  Some books in the price chart say, "0.00," or, "books not found." Do you buy those?
A.  We pay exactly what the price quote states. If the price returned is, "0.00," or, "Books Not Found," then, most likely, that book is out of date, or has no resale value, and we cannot buy those at this time. Do not send books with no value.

Q.  Can a book be old, and still be new?
A.  Yes! The grading and pricing of books as, "new," or, "used," has nothing to do with the copyright date, i.e. a book with a 1975 copyright date can be graded as, "new," if it arrives in pristine condition, but a book with a year 2000 copyright, however, might be graded as, "used," if the book is worn, written in, or scratched.

Q.  Are your prices good forever? How fast do We have to ship my books?
A.  Because our prices change periodically, we require you to ship your books within 3 (three) calendar days. We chose 3 days because some folks price books on Friday, then run out of time before the weekend. When the post office opens again on Monday, that makes 3 days. So, for example, if you price your books on Friday, you can ship them the upcoming Monday; that would be okay. Waiting until Tuesday would not.

Q.  I like your prices! Now, exactly what us.hods can We send my books to you?
A.  I've made it simple: Pack the books tightly in a sturdy box, like a copier paper box, tape it well, and affix the prepaid shipping label. Take the shipment to any post office, including franchised ones, and they will accept the parcel. Make sure you insure the parcel. Because we pay the insurance, it won't cost you anything out-of-pocket at the post office.

Q.  I don't have a printer available. Is that okay?
A.  No problem. You WILL have to do some extra work, though. You can click HERE to receive detailed instructions. A printer is helpful for two things: to print out the price quote page as a packing slip, and to print the "printable prepaid shipping label." But, if you do not have a printer, you MUST do these three things:
 • Clearly hand-write the shipping address found HERE onto your box.
 • Write the "Data Update" number found on the yellow bar above your price quotes, right next to your name and address on the box (since prices are updated slightly each month, this "Data Update number," insures that you will receive prices exactly as quoted.
 • Handwrite on a piece of paper the full price quote chart you received when you submitted your textbook ISBN numbers for quotes, and enclose that, in your box, with your books.

Q.  What if We don't enclose a packing slip, and just put my books in a box and send them?
A.  We don't recommend this. We will most definitely issue payment, but it will only be a nonnegotiable estimate of our current prices. If you send books without enclosing the printed price quote chart, or a handwritten price quote chart, you agree to accept whatever we choose to pay you. Every effort will be made to issue you a fair price, however!

box of used college textbooks

Q.  Can We use any kind of box or packaging?
A.  You may use any box or packaging except, "Priority Mail," or, "Air Mail," packaging. You may reuse and old box which you have, or find a sturdy box such as a copy-machine paper box. Do not use any packing materials. And, please, no styrofoam peanuts or newspaper! We recommend placing your books in a box, and then cutting the box edges to smoosh the top down. This way is easiest for you and, more importantly, the books do not slide around and cause wear.

Q. How do We insure the books? Can you explain in detail?
A. We recommend going to any actual US Post office, or a US Post Office satellite location, because the knowledgeable clerk will see our preprinted label, and recognize that it is to be insured, and know what to do. The clerk will give you an insurance receipt with a tracking number. So, if the books get lost, you still get paid! The clerk will NOT charge you for this. It will not cost you anything.

However, if you go into a franchised "shipping center," or "mail box shop," like those found in malls, you may have to indicate the following to the clerk:

• That you want insurance
• That you need to fill out a Postal Insurance Form
• That the recipient (us) pays for insurance.

Most of the time, they will know what to do, and have the insurance receipt forms, but if not, you may choose to go ahead and send the books anyway, without insurance (at your risk, but I've never had a box lost), or, find the nearest actual United States Post Office.

Q.  How about other shipping companies (like UPS, etc.)?
A.  That's no problem, we welcome shipments sent via UPS, but you'll have to prepay shipping and desired insurance, yourself, with the understanding that when your parcel arrives, I'll reimburse what We estimate the USPS, "Media Mail," rate to be. That estimate will be added to the total of the books with value that you send.

Q.  What conditions of books are acceptable?
A. As long as they are current edition textbooks, I'll buy nearly all of them...unless they are defective (e.g. missing pages, water damaged, etc.) or have answers in them. The books with answers in them are labeled, "Annotated Instructor's Edition." We don't buy Annotated Instructors Editions, so make sure you don't see, "Annotated," anywhere on the cover. Other markings, like writing, embossing, bent covers, and highlighting are OKAY!

Q.  What about my privacy?  Is this service confidential?
A.  Absolutely confidential!  We will NEVER share your information with anyone. In fact, it would be counterproductive for us to share any information about you whatsoever!  We value you as a customer. Please visit my Assurance Pledge Page.

Q.  Outline exactly what happens, from when We take my books to the post office, to the time We receive payment.
A.  We will outline the process in steps, as follows:
• You bring books to US Post Office (shipping is free!)
• An insurance tracking receipt is given to you for insurance (free!)
• Your box of books travel via insured US Mail to our warehouse
• When your books arrive, we sign for it, then unpack your books
• We confirm that your books match your enclosed packing slip
• Each textbook is examined, and graded, "new," or, "used."
• We calculate the total, using your enclosed packing slip
• A check is issued and sent to you via USPS Airmail, to the address you have specified on the shipping label.
• If you provided your email address on the shipping label, we will be able to notify you of the status of your parcel upon request.

We have streamlined the process to give you the best, fastest service possible. Thank you for exploring Book Buyer Online™!


-The Staff

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