Alternate Shipping Instructions
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If you have no printer available, and you cannot print a packing slip or a prepaid shipping label, no problem! But, you MUST follow these two steps so We can issue you payment with the same speed and efficiency as if you were to have a printer:

1.) Pack a sheet of paper into your box of books with the following information:

• Your name and mailing address for payment
• The ISBN numbers of your books, with their new and used prices
 (for example:  ISBN 12.00.....used 10.00)
• The "Data Update" found in the top row of the online price quote

2.) Address the box clearly with your return address, and ship to us.

We are happy to have you send your books this way, if you do not have a printer. This will work just fine, but you will have to prepay shipping and insurance. However, upon receipt of your textbooks, We will fully reimburse your shipping and insurance fee for those books, provided you ship them, "United States Postal Book Rate," or, "United Parcel Service Ground Rate ."

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