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We have been online since 1999, and for 16 years, we have provided a "Free Shipping Label" for you to print to ship your books to us.

Recently, the Post Office rules have changed and now we're looking for a new shipping company.

In the meantime... we ask that you PAY YOUR OWN SHIPPING. At the Post Office, simply tell the clerk you are shipping via "Media Mail" and then you'll only pay a couple bucks or so per book!

IMPORTANT: WE REIMBURSE AS FOLLOWS: When your books arrive here, we will REIMBURSE the Media Mail rate on the books we buy from you! We will either look at the postage stamp you paid, or, we will weigh the books so that we can calculate the Media Mail rate you paid on the books we buy from you. That amount will be ADDED to your total! For example, if we buy $100 from you, and the shipping is $10, we would be sending you a check for $110.00.

Simple as that!

In fact, some say this method is better because you can choose the shipping method and/or company to use! Because our reimbursement is limited to Media Mail, you can weigh the different options of your cost if you want the books to travel faster (e.g. via "FedEx Overnight," etc.).

Here is our shipping address:

49  Weile  Avenue  East
Spokane WA  99208

Packing and Shipping Method: We want you to pack your books well, to improve the chance of your books arriving at our warehouse in the same condition you sent them. We've found that books packed too loosely will slide around and get damaged, even when using packing material. So we recommend that you not use packing material, but that you cut the boxtop down so your books are tight in the box. (See illustration to the right)

When you are sure your parcel is tightly packed with books, make sure the printed packing slip is inside your box before securely sealing your parcel. (Because our prices change slightly each month, shipping within 3 (three) calendar days AND enclosing your packing slip helps avoid having your books re-quoted upon arrival at our warehouse!) Use plenty of tape; your books are heavy!

After your parcel is taped really well, use good strong clear tape to affix the Free mailing label from this page to the top of your parcel. Then, you'll be ready to ship your parcel to us.

Post Office: Please obtain postal insurance on your shipment to us; there won't be any cost on this to you, and it guarantees appropriate insurance reimbursement if the post office loses your parcel. While at the post office, fill out one of their insurance tags (see pic to the right) and then give both your book package and the insurance slip to the clerk who then would put part of the tag onto your shipment and give you the remainder. Then you keep this insurance tracker number for your records. Note that while actual US Postal Service post offices have these insurance tags, some privately owned shipping centers might not. If you ship without insurance, then understand that if you're parcel gets lost, you won't be able to make an insurance claim.

Thank you! We appreciate your using this website. Any Questions? Please contact us anytime for an expedient response.
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